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The Best Tools To Use For Your Online Business


Once you get your website up and running you will want to start to automate certain aspects to make your life easier and to make the experience of your visitors a more pleasant journey through your pages.

Below is a list or tools that I use and recommend for use with any website to help you with your online marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Training & Web Hosting Software


Wealthy AffiliateThis will be THE most important tool that you will need in order to get your website up and running.

Finding a good education in this field can sometimes be a minefield. There are a ton of programs out there that want to teach you all about marketing but at a huge cost. Be very careful here, parting with your hard earned cash for something that you can get for free is a mistake that many new starters make, including myself!

I spent many years looking for the right training program and I spent a lot of money in the process. My recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate for this.

Wealthy Affiliates has ‘rocket boosted’ my business since I joined and the education is second to none. The site is very easy to use and has built in web hosting and emails for ease.

There is a large community of like minded and experienced online marketers that all help each other. You can trial this completely free and get two web sites at no cost to get you started.

Keyword Research & Ranking Tool



One of the best ways to target traffic online is to have the right keywords in your online content. In order to achieve this you need to use a keyword targeting tool and the one which I use and recommend is JAAXY

It is worth mentioning here that Jaaxy is included in your subscription to Wealthy Affiliate if you decide to join.

This tool allows you to type in keywords and tells you how many people are searching for that keyword each month and how many competing websites there are that are using that keyword. You can then save the keywords that you have found in lists for use at a later date.

If you just want to use the tool then you can sign up for a FREE account with Jaaxy HERE 





Email Auto-Responder


mailchimpHaving got yourself educated and a great website up and running and ranked with large search engines, you will start to get traffic visiting and engaging with your content. At this point people will want to subscribe to your site so that the can stay in touch and keep up to date with your posts, newsletters or offers.

In order to manage all these email you will need an email auto responder. This is a program that will automatically send your new subscribers a series of emails over a period of time and keep them updated with news and changes that you have made.

There are several auto responders out there and they are all very good but while you are getting strarted I would recommend MailChimp as it is free to use while you are building your list of subscribers.

Mail chimp allows your subscribers to easily unsubscribe from your list at any point down the line and is compliant with the new GDPR rules that have just come into effect in Europe.


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