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Is TPS138 A Scam?

TPS138In this review I will be looking into a company called TPS138 (The Perfect Solution) and finding out a bit more about what they have on offer and answering the question, “Is TPS138 a scam?” If you have had any experience with the company then I would love to hear from you.

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TPS138 Review Ranking

  • Name: TPS (The Perfect Solution)
  • Website:
  • Price: Free to join then options to upgrade for higher earnings.
  • Country or Origin: China/USA
  • Easy Street Rating: 4.5 out of 5


TPS138, Product Overview

what is tps138

So what is TPS138?

TPS138 has been around since June 2015 and in 2018, TPS has seen around 10,000 new daily sign ups. That is around 3.6 million members each year.

The eCommerce business is a trillion dollar a year industry that is going from strength to strength and the growth each year as the numbers suggest are phenomenal with more and more people shopping online everyday.

In a nutshell, when you open your free account with TPS you get a ready to roll fully functional eCommerce site that you and others can begin to buy from straight away. You earn a commission from what you buy and also you earn a commission from any sales made from your own customers that buy from your store.

You get two stores, one in China and one in the USA and they are ready to roll right from the get go. You can call the store whatever you want and you get 3 chances to change this before it is set.

You can earn between 2% and 20% commission depending on your store rank and you can upgrade at any point in time.


What is the 138 Pool?

One of the most incredible aspects of TPS is the global pool that everyone is part of. Every 138th person that joins TPS from the time you joined is added to your account so any sales that are made from these accounts is paid to you as long as you are making sales and are ranked.

This is what makes TPS incredibly unique as a commission based company that pays regularly.

Obviously you need to make sales in order to get paid and your store ranking determines how much commission you gain on each sale. Here is a list of store ranking and the cost of each one.

Here are a few of the benefits of having your own eCommerce store with TPS

  • 2 free eCommerce Stores (USA/China)
  • No set up fees
  • No monthly fees
  • Over 1 million products in your stores
  • No inventory to hold and maintain
  • Daily bonus pool of the companies profits.
  • Monthly bonus pool of the companies profits.

What is Drop Shipping?



Drop shipping is another method of selling products using your TPS store. In order to drop ship you will be advertising your products on say Amazon or Ebay and when you generate a sale you then ship that product to your customer from your TPS store thus generating a sale and a commission and hopefully a small profit prom the price difference.

There is training available on the drop shipping method and many people are making good profit by adopting this technique.

The downside of drop shipping is that it is quite time-consuming and can be quite frustrating if your customers need to return any products. This can wipe out any profit you may have made.


How Easy is This Really?

not easyThere are those that will tell you this is a really easy way to get your site up and running and to start making money online. I would agree with the first part of this but as for making money, you need to be aware of certain things.

Generating Traffic.

As with any online business, you can have the most stunningly beautiful website with all the products in the world but without people visiting it you are dead in the water from day one.

This is exactly where people fail in this industry, they have no idea how to get traffic to their sites and so make no sales. After trying a few things that they learn online from YouTube videos, they then quit and start to look at other things.

I found an amazing training tool which is free that teaches you how to get traffic to your site by writing product reviews and it is well worth a look.

==> Check it out here! <==

My advice to anyone who is looking to start an online store is do not give up. You have to understand that an online store is just like a high street store in the beginning. No one knows you exist until the word starts to spread. You cannot expect to make big money on the first day. Give it time and patience and the rewards can be incredible.

Social Media Engagement.

A big mistake that many people make is posting their new site on social media for all their friends and family to see and then bombarding them with offers to buy their products and join this amazing opportunity to earn money.

There are correct ways of doing this and it has to be done in a subtle way that does not alienate you from everyone. They will only unfollow you or delete you in the long run.

Using the correct method of social engagement is something you will learn in time and I think that you need to be aware of this from day one.


This is a big one and without this you will fall down right from day one. Don’t expect to make money from day one.


Get educated. There is so much to learn if this is new to you. Be a student and please don’t think that you know it all. There are people that have been running successful online eCommerce stores for years and they are learning every day.

Make sure that you get reading and learning. Join Facebook groups that deal with drop shipping and eCommerce. Absorb as much information as you possibly can and work on your business every day.


Who Is This For?

If you have some spare time, a desire to make money and a passion for building an online business then this is for you. It’s not an easy business to get going but once you start to build it and aim it at the right people you will soon start to reap the benefits.


My Verdict On TPS138

Thumbs Up To SendOutCardsIs this a genuine business opportunity? Absolutely yes. I know people that are making really good income from this program but their success did not happen overnight.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme and if you are thinking of getting involved then be prepared to be a student. There is a ton of stuff to learn and it will take some time. You will make mistakes along the way but persistence pays.

I opened a free account at the beginning of 2017 and as of the date of this article the number of people placed under me in the 138 pool is over 49000.

I decided not to run an eCommerce store as I discovered an even better way of making money online.

You can see what I am doing here.

If you decide to get involved and promote a TPS store then I want to wish you the best of luck for the future. There absolutely is money to be made here but be prepared to work hard for it.

If you have any experience in TPS138 then I would love to hear from you. Please leave any comment in the box below or email me directly.

Good Luck!


  • Hi Daniel,
    Thanks for the recommendation of this company. Its seems pretty nice if you want to work a dropshipping business. I have a question, do they have some private label that we can sell as our own brand with our name on it???

  • Great review as it’s very factual and the layout is great. I haven’t heard of TPS before but I have bookmarked this article as it’s something I will come back and look in to.
    Is TPS suitable for affiliate marketing or is it only drop shipping?

    • Dan

      Thanks. The main idea of the TPS store is that you get paid to go shopping there instead of anywhere else online. The more people you refer to them the more sale are made and you get paid more. Depending on how seriously you take this you can earn commissions of 2%-20% per sale. So you can see how some people are making a good income from it.

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