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Is SendOutCards a Scam?

SendOutCardsIn this article I will be looking at the business opportunity that is available in SendOutCards and finding out whether this is as good as people who promote it, say it is? There are some pretty wild claims around the products, its opportunity and people asking, “is SendOutCards a scam?” Let’s take a closer look.

If you have had any experience in SendOutCards then I want to hear from you. Drop us a comment in the box below.


SendOutCards Review

  • Name: SendOutCards
  • Website:
  • Price: $59/month
  • Founder & CEO: Kody Bateman
  • Easy Street Rating: 4.8 out of 5


SendOutCards, Product Overview

sendoutcards appFirstly, let’s find out a bit more about what SendOutCards is actually all about.

SendOutCards was formed in 2003 by its founder & CEO Kody Bateman who tragically lost his brother before he was able to say goodbye to him. Ever since that day Kody promised himself that he would never go through the same experience again with his loved ones and friends. He came up with the idea of SendOutCards.

SendOutCards is a greetings card and gift company that actually send physical cards that can be completely personalized with your own photos, handwriting and branding.

That platform also incorporates its own CRM (Customer Relationship Management) so you can search your contacts and send a card at the click of a mouse and it reminds you of upcoming birthdays and events.

There is also a very convenient APP, both Android and iPhone which makes designing and sending cards incredibly easy and fast.


Who is SendOutCards this For?

SendOutCards is used for both personal and business use. More and more companies are beginning to utilize the software for keeping in touch with their customers and the more cards you send the cheaper it is per card.

People love to receive real cards and the more personalized they are the more likely people are to keep the cards and with the ability to have your own company logo and message on the back of the card instead of the SendOutCards logo, this is a real bonus for company relations and marketing.

There are several price plans depending on what your usage is or you can just pay for the cards as you send them with the free monthly package. See the chart below.



The company is based in the USA and can be used to send greeting cards and gifts anywhere in the world. You can top up your account with credit so that you can send cards directly from your phone and the cards can be completely customized with a very clever editor both on a PC or smartphone.

The company prides itself on an outstanding service and the cards are fairly quick to arrive in all destinations throughout the world considering they are all sent from the USA.


Why Do They Want Me To Be Their Partner?

SendOutCards is the largest greeting and gifting company in the USA and apart from having some amazing products there is a partner program bolted onto the back of this.

They operate their own Network Marketing program which basically pays you a commission for recommending new customers to the company. If you know about Network Marketing you can skip the next couple of paragraphs.


What is Network Marketing?

Network MarketingAlso know in the trade as MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Network Marketing is a way of building your own business from home promoting products or services and building a team of people and training them to do the same. You not only receive a commission from you own customers but you also receive a small commission from all the customers that your team generate below you. This can lead to a fairly sizable income over a period of time.

Of course there are always limits to the number of payments but to be honest I have been involved in a lot of different Network Marketing companies in the past and SendOutCard has one of the best compensation plans out there.

If you have trouble sleeping at night you can have a read through their compensation plan ===> HERE

These partner programs are often confused with pyramid schemes. These schemes are totally illegal and there are now government bodies in operation to monitor and regulate MLM companies.

Large well know companies that adopt a network marketing strategy to generate business would have to be crazy to do anything illegal and the emphasis should always be primarily to promote good products and not recruit people that have no Idea what the products are like in the first place.


Training & Support

Like any good Network Marketing company SendOutCards have a great training program and support network which will help you get started in building your business.

They have an online resource centre and back office that allows you to track and monitor your progress and you start to promote the company. There are numerous videos and tools for demonstrating SendOutCards and they are hot on all new members becoming customers and using the products before they promote them.

This to me makes good sense and I always get frustrated by people that promote products or services that they don’t use themselves.

There are some amazing Facebook groups that the company will recommend you join and some great people out there that will support you and share their experiences as they have built their businesses.

One of the most successful people working for the company is Jordan Adler, He has managed to build a huge monthly income by promoting SendOutCards for a number of years and he is happy to help and give advice on growing your business. There are a ton of great videos on YouTube to watch and this guy is really worth listening too if you are thinking about getting involved.

I have read his book Beach Money and it is truly inspirational. Well worth a look at if you are considering a career in Network Marketing as its a general book about his life and not about SendOutCards.


My Opinion of SendOutCards

I have looked at many Network Marketing companies in the past and although I am now doing other things I think that SendOutCards is one of the best in terms of compensation plan payments and support.

The ethics of the company are very inspiring and as you get to learn more about Kody you come to realize that this is just an ordinary guy who has made a huge success of his business by bringing people together and helping others to build great businesses for themselves.

There is no doubt that the company is easier to promote if you live in the USA as the delivery times can be a show stopper for companies based in other countries. This was the major wall I came up against living in the UK. The companies I was selling this to just could not get on board with the 7 to 10 day delivery time which is the main reason that I don’t promote them anymore.

I have always said though that if I ever move to the states I would absolutely get back in with these guys.



Thumbs Up To SendOutCardsIf you want the absolute truth about SendOutCards then here it is.

They are brilliant. They are world leaders in the greeting card and gift industry and have big rewards for people that want to grow their own business promoting them. I know a lot of people that are making incredible income through this. It not easy money but if your are willing to put the effort in you can earn well here.

There are people all over the word that are working with SendOutCards making some good money but I personally found a better way for myself and if you are interested in looking then you can see what I’m doing in the article below.

===>See what I’m Doing<===

Remember, like any home business, the amount you get out is equal to the amount you put in. If you want big results then you better be prepared to work hard, whatever it is you choose to do.

Good luck and if you have any experience good or bad with SendOutCards then please leave your comments in the box below. I would love to hear from you.


  • I did find that MLM was not for me, because I was involved in Avon before. But I switched over to typing work from home. But I do find the importance of what this company is doing. The owner also stands for a great cause! This is a great service! I will definitely be using it because I have family scattered all over the world and sometimes I can’t make it to important celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings etc… This is great to show my relatives that though I can’t be there physically, that I’m still thinking of them. Thanks for introducing me to SendOut Cards.

    • Dan

      Hi Reyhana,

      Yes I have been involved in lots of different companies over the years and I have to say that this one is the best in my opinion, not just for the great compensation plan but the people and support are great. Kody Bateman is just such an awesome done to earth guy and not greedy like some other founders!! The service is great and the quality of the cards are beautiful. Well worth a look. Enjoy!

  • Danette

    Thanks for the great review! The story behind SendOutCards is very touching. I think when someone has a passion for what they do, and for helping other people, it probably sets a very positive tone for the company culture as a whole. I’m glad to find out about this!

    • Dan

      Hi Danette, Kody is a true inspiration to all that are involved in his company. When he started out, he used to print the cards from several printers in his garage and post them every day by hand, now he has a dedicated team of people in a warehouse that print, sort and send thousands every day.

      Thanks for your comments

  • Hi Dan, great review! I have tried too many network marketing opportunities in the past to try this, plus I live in Africa, but the story behind the company gives me hope that there still are network marketing companies that take care of their members.

    • Dan

      Hi Jo, yes there are a few good ones out there and this is definitely one of them. I have been with quite a few and it’s hard to find an organisation that always put the products first and the opportunity second. A lot of the companies I have been involved with have just concentrated on the amazing life changing opportunity that their secret plant $100 hand cream will bring you!! Wild!!

  • Daniel Send out Cards is brilliant I have been using as a client for years. I have never shared it though in terms of the MLM aspect. I did know that was available but never really thought about it further so I will definitely go take a look at it again because I just love using them. I am in Australia but they have chocolate brownie’s as a gift option have you ever tried them? They are fantastic!

    • Dan

      Hi Fleur,

      Yes I have tried the brownies, probably the best brownies on the planet!! 🙂

      The business side may be something you could think about because as I said in the article, the compensation plan and support is awesome. I took a trip out to Vegas for a four day Eric Worre conference a few years ago and met Jordan Adler who was speaking on stage at the event. He is such a nice guy and I highly recommend his book to anyone. I spoke to him on Skype a few times as well hes seems tom make time for everyone so I guess that’s why he is so successful.

      Good Luck!

  • Waow! What an inspirational way to start up a company! I really find this very interesting and useful. Not often times do we get to reach out to loved ones and this will definitely make it easier. Working with such company will surely be a great way to make money online, however i really prefer starting up my own bussiness and doing my thing my way, as i am not that good with things like recruitments.

    • Dan

      Recruitment is not for everyone. I think a lot of people get involved in MLM without really understanding what it involves. That is why there is quite a high failure rate in network marketing.

  • Mikael

    Hi Daniel,

    Can you only send cards with SendOutCards, if you become a members of the whole network thing, so you have to promote them to be able to use the service?

    Sounds like a great product and worth looking into, but in general I am not into MLM, so would be great if it can be used without having to participate in that.


    • Dan

      Hey Mike, No you don’t need to get involved with the business side at all to use the service. You can just set up an account and start using it. They send cards and gifts. 



  • Gabby

    This looks like an great service, they have similar ones in the UK but not the business side, I have family all over the world so will definitely have a look at this one. Thanks for the review.

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