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How To Get Website Traffic For Free

If you have just created a new website for your business, the next logical thing to achieve is to get people to look at it. In this article I will be showing you a specific sequence in which you can increase your online presence for free and gain higher rankings in search engines.

Unlike The Highway, We Love Heavy Traffic!

It stands to reason that if you have a website, you need people to look at it. These visitors to your site are referred to as traffic and it should be your next goal after having built your beautiful site.

So let’s look at how to get website traffic for free.

The internet is swamped with tutorials on this subject and people are often put off by the seemingly complex nature of getting visitors to your site know as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).



Watch out, there are SEO Gurus everywhere!

It’s true, there are literally thousands of people out there that think they know the magic formula for the ultimate SEO process to get you ranked high in next to no time. In reality, this process takes time and every committed bone in your body to achieve. The fall out rate for new websites is huge because people don’t allow sufficient time for this to happen.

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Start LineWhere Do I Start?

Well I’m guessing you already have a website and are looking for the next stage, traffic. If you don’t have a website yet and are looking to get ranked online then click on the link above to get started.

We need visitors to our website but first you need to understand that getting your site ranked will not happen overnight. Take Google as an example, they have complex algorithms that trace your sites performance and growth. Just as an example, if you built a website today and started to add one page to it every week, it would take you well over a year to get it ranked high enough to appear in a search engine.

If you are relying on traffic to generate a sale from your site then this can be very frustrating and is why people quit having not had any results.

So How do we speed things up?

There are tricks that the so called gurus won’t tell you because they want you to pay for this information but actually it’s not as hard as you might think.

Firstly, this is what you need.

  1. Quality Content
  2. Unique Image for your content. At least one with alt tag
  3. Video to embed
  4. A Google Console Account


Quality content is the most important requirement in Google. They want to see that you are providing valuable and unique content. Please don’t think that you can just copy and paste other people’s content here and call it your own. Google has very clever software that checks whether your new content is unique. WordPress is one of the best web building tools for getting ranked in Google and you can set up a couple of free websites here.

Images within your content are very important as this will keep people’s attention. There are several sites where you can use free images but if at all possible, take your own pictures and label them with the relevant ALT tag.

Alt Tag

Videos are a great way of getting your site ranked higher. Google loves to see your site with embedded videos and they will also keep people on your site for longer which leads to better engagement.

Google Search Console Account is the glue that holds all the above together. Set up you free account and get all your webs sites registered on here as soon as you can. With this account you are going to add each new page and post to Google’s index so they know you exist.

Here’s what you do not need.

  1. Expensive software.
  2. Tools for automatic ranking.
  3. Impatients.

The Steps To Good Ranking

1. Relevant Meta Title.

Give every post or page that you write a meta title. This what the search engines like Google link your pages too when someone searches for a keyword.

2. Relevant Meta Description.

The meta description is what appears in a Google search under your website name and post if you manage to get it ranked. This description should be no longer than about 150 characters and should sum up your post so that it catches peoples attention.

3. Keywords in the title and in the content.

The ‘keyword’ is a word or phrase that people type into a Google search box when looking for specific content on the internet. As your site gains popularity you will start to appear higher in the search results of specific keywords. Your keywords needs to be in the title of your post and then the exact same keyword need to be incorporated into the first or second paragraph of your post. You can see where I have done this if you look above.

4. Image with unique ALT Tags

Google is big on images so use plenty of them and use the ALT tag for each one. This is the identifier for the image and is what you see when you hover over the image with your mouse pointer.

Just a word of warning here about images, be careful which ones you use on your website. A lot of the images you find through searches are often protected and should not be used as your own without permission. The last thing you want is to get involved is a lawsuit over an image.

Here are a few great websites that have plenty of free images to use.

  1. Pixabay
  2. Unsplash
  3. Canva


5. Internal links that take you to a page of your own website.

Search engines like to see internal links within your content. If your post is full of affiliate links with no internal links then they see this as you constantly directing people away from your website. If your content is not valuable enough for you then it’s not for them.

Make sure you have plenty of links within your posts pointing to various pages with your own website.

6. External Links that take you away from your own website.

These are just as important. Pointing people to other websites and posts is great for ranking higher in search engines.

Try not to over affiliate here. You can be marked down for filling your page with affiliate links so keep them to a minimum. It would be far better to have one page dedicated to an affiliate link and then direct people to it via internal links rather than have every page with the same affiliate links on it.

7. Videos.

Have you made a video before? We it’s something that you should get used to. Set up a YouTube account and start making videos. If this unnerves you then a great way to do this is to record your screen and just talk over the top of it.

You can see an example of a video I have made ==> here

Once you do a few of these it becomes a lot easier so have a go. There is a great bit of software called Ice cream Screen Recorder which will let you record your screen and your voice with webcam if you need to. It’s very simple to use and very cheap!

OK…. Now What?

There are a few more steps to complete for each post that you write. Here they are.

1. Create a Google+ Account

Why? Because Google own the platform and it stands to reason that if you post this within their own platform it will increase the ranking of your site. Now there is a very specific way to do this.

You need to copy the link to your page into your google plus and once your site pops up in the box with an image you need to copy the posts title and then use the ‘|’ separator followed by the meta description of the post. Then below that you need to write some additional comments.

Here is an example:-

Google+ Account


2. Fetch you post as Google using the Google console.

This is one of the most important processes to carry out after creating your new content. This will tell Google, ‘look! My new post is here and I want it to be indexed on your search engine’.


Fetch as Google


3. Sitemap.

This is another feature of your new Google Console account and you can do this while you are fetching as Google. This lets Google see your site in its entirety. Each time you write a new post you should re-submit your site map, because Google will not do this automatically.

4. Request as many comments as possible.

One of the fastest ways for your site to get ranked higher in Google is to have people comment on your posts. There is an amazing feature in Wealthy Affiliate that allows you to ask other people to comment on your new posts and you can comment on theirs in exchange.

There is a certain criterion for writing these comments and the Wealthy Affiliate community are shown the best way to do this and leave feedback. So if you sign up to wealthy Affiliate it is well worth using this feature.

Now…. You Don’t Wait

Once you have completed all these steps you now need to be patient and trust that the process will take care of itself. If your website is new then obviously it will take some time to get your site ranked higher.

Don’t Stop!

Keep buildingSearch engines like to see regular content being produced so if you just stop and wait for your post to rank then chances are nothing will ever happen. You need to be producing as many posts as you possibly can when you start out so that you get noticed. So move onto the next one and keep building!

Your posts and pages need to be high quality and they need to be unique.

Good luck and if you need any help then please add your comments to the box below or email me directly.

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