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Employee Mindset VS Entrepreneur Mindset

Employee Mindset VS Entrepreneur MindsetWhere does the entrepreneur come from? What drives an ordinary employee to jump off and go it alone? Is this something that is bred within you from a young age or can anyone just do this in life?

These are some questions I will be looking at in this article. There are more and more people across the globe that are starting to or should I say trying to become their own boss and leave their safe and secure jobs, but not all of them make it and end up not moving and get even more depressed because they feel like they have failed.

It’s time to dive in a little deeper and look at the differences between the employee mindset vs entrepreneur mindset.

If this sounds like you then I want to hear from you. Please share your story in the comments section below.


Where Did We Come From?

The first thing we need to do if we are interested in changing our mindset is to look back in time at the way the majority of us have been brought up. Of course I’m going to be talking in general terms here, there are exception and all of us have a different story to tell.

I was brought in a very stable and happy household with loving parents and two sisters who I hated but are my best friends today. So I guess I am one of the lucky ones.

The education system is geared around programming our brains from a very young age to get enough qualification to secure yourself a job when you leave school and you will then work your way up through the ranks of the same company, all the while paying into a pension scheme that will support you when you are too old to work.

This is how the majority of us are brought up and it’s how are parents were brought up and their parent and so on.


Do You Feel Trapped Like I did?

Feeling Trapped

I did exactly this when I left school. I studied, got the job that I wanted and started to work my way up through the ranks. It never sat well with me. I get bored very easily and I just could not imagine staying in the same job for forty years. I started to feel trapped and caged. My everyday life was based around the company I was working for.

  • They told me how many days holiday I can have a year.
  • They told me what time I need to get up every morning.
  • They told me how much I can earn.
  • They told me when I can have my lunch and when I can have a break.


This is perfectly normal for most of us as it is ingrained in our minds. We just get on with it and live our lives doing the same thing day in, day out.

There are a lot of people that are happy with this way of life and would never dream of changing and that is fine. My guess is that you are not one of them because you are reading this post looking for another way, looking for change and challenges. Well, you’re in the right place.

I think many of us think about change but are too worried that we will lose everything in the process and so never get anywhere or do anything about it. We get trapped in our lives and routines, in our jobs and in the limited leisure time we have every year.


Breaking The Mold

I believe that literally anyone on this planet has the ability to change their lives if they so desire and that is the key right there, ‘desire’. Every change we make in our lives starts with a desire to do so. Without it we just carry on in the same direction.

In extreme cases some people have the desire to change but are completely unable to because of the situation they have got themselves into. An expensive mortgage or car loans are traps that will stop you in your tracks when it comes to making changes in your life.

We are after all creatures of habit and we don’t like change. We naturally love routine and we get ourselves into cycles of life. I’m no different. I wake up, I make the morning tea (always), I check my phone for emails and social media, I shower I have breakfast then I go to work. I did this for years. We know where we are and it feels secure and it feels right.

It won’t buy you that fast car for cash or the luxury boat you always dreamed of or the six-month vacation. Your desire to want more in life has to be strong enough for you to want change. You need to be hungry for it. That is the only way you will ever break the life cycle and find the path to your dreams.


Are You Hungry Enough For Change?

Hungry for ChangeSo how do we know if we are hungry enough? What do we do next? How do we make something happen?

Have you every heard of the law of attraction? There are books and videos on this subject and it talks about universal laws that exist. The law of attraction will manifest anything you desire into your reality if you think about it enough and with passion.

Interesting theory and to be honest I don’t believe in all that universal law stuff. I do believe though that if you have a strong enough desire for something you will find a way to make it happen.

You don’t even realize this is happening until long after it has taken place. Just a quick example.

When I left school I ended up trapped in a job that I hated. It made me unhappy and I developed a strong desire to find something better. At that point I had no idea what I wanted. The more time I spent in this job the unhappier I became and the stronger the desire became to leave and find something else.

One day out of the blue I decided to call in sick and went down to my local careers office. I spent the whole morning looking at all kinds of jobs and courses. I found a leaflet with a picture of an aircraft and students stood all around it. This stirred all kinds of excitement in me and began the process of applying for it straight away. Three years later I was a licensed aircraft engineer earning four times the money I was on before.

I have numerous examples looking back in my life or desire and change, desire and change. Now I know that if I desire something and a want it badly enough, I will find a way to make it happen and you can too.


What Do You Think?

Do you have the desire to think like an entrepreneur? The truth is we all would like to. Are you looking for something but have not found it yet? This post could just be another stepping stone to get you to where you need to be.

Your thoughts are your biggest power in life. No one can ever change them and you will always have the control when it comes to your own thinking.

There are heaps of books out there on the subject of the power of the mind. It is incredible how a thought can change everything in your life. Just think about it for one moment. Every single thing around you in your home in your town is the product of a thought. The computer or phone that is front of you right now is the product of someones dream. The path you walk on the cup you drink from and the cloths you wear.

There is something very powerful here and so if you have a strong desire for something then the only person that will make it happen is you. So get thinking.


Dreams Can Come True

Someone once told me to write down my dreams and I thought it was silly. I actually did this a few years ago and I still look back at them from time to time. There are strong feelings that build up inside you when you do this and remind yourself from time to time where you want to be. It really works and it keeps you focused on the big plan. I recommend you stop and do that right now.

Don’t worry about how far-fetched or out of reach your dreams seem right now. Just get them down, keep them close and read them every day or at least every week.

Dreams Can Come True

A very successful business associate of mine told me that he got hold of a cheap journal and started to write in it everything he wanted to achieve. His goals and dreams. He began cutting out pictures of houses that he wanted to live in, cars that he wanted to own and buy for cash. He basically filled it with everything he desired and kept it beside his bed.

Every night he would flick through the book and still does. This stirred a passion inside him that was so powerful that it kept him focused and on track. Everything in that book has come true. Whether you believe it or not, it is actually true. He showed me a picture of a house that he found in a magazine years ago. There was a table and chairs in the garden that overlooked a beautiful ocean scene. He stuck this picture in his journal and seven years later he was living in a nearly identical house with almost the same view as in the picture.

So get on it right now. What do you have to lose? Go and find a ton of pictures on the internet that excite you and print them off right now. Get them on a board or in a book and look at them every day. Get excited!


Let’s Keep Thinking Like An Entrepreneur

You probably don’t even realize this but you have already made major steps in the process of transforming your life. The very fact that you are now nearly at the end of this post signifys that you are willing to change your mindset.

I guarantee you that if you ask any successful entrepreneur they will tell you that their success is due to mindset, focus and the desire to succeed. Without them you would never get out of bed in the morning.

So what now?

When I started to change my mindset, I knew I wanted something but I didn’t know what it was or where to begin. There are so many directions out there that you can take and it starts to get so confusing. What I found was that when I started looking for ways to go it alone, a bunch of other stuff started popping up and before I knew it I had my hands in so many pies that I was becoming overwhelmed.

You need to stop and think about what you want in your life. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I want to achieve?
  • Where do I want to live?
  • What life style makes me excited?
  • Where would I like to be this time next year?
  • Five years from now?


This Is Just The Beginning

If this is all new to you then congratulations, you have made an amazing first step in a new direction. If you have been at this for a while and feel like you are not getting anywhere then congratulations for not giving up.

The biggest failing of any new idea is giving up at the first hurdle and believe me there will me many hurdles. Did you know that absolutely anything is possible if you have a strong enough desire to achieve it.

The power and strength comes from within you.

The next hurdle is where do you go from here. Well only you can decide that. You will be looking for an opportunity and believe me there are thousands of them out there that anyone can get involved in. Even if you don’t have money.

My advice to you is to think about what you feel passionate about and use that as a foundation to decide where you want to be in business. How will you ever succeed in a business that you hate? Never going to happen!

One of my passions was always the stock market. I remember my Granma talking about Granddads stocks and shares and for some reason this stirred a passion within me and still does. So I got busy and enrolled in all kinds of training and today I actively trade the foreign exchange markets and still love it.

Writing has always been one of my passions. So I write a lot of articles and website about my passions for example model aviation is one of my hobbies so I have a website and I write about the world of remote aviation. Music is another, I write reviews on all kinds of musical instruments and recording equipment.

I use an really great tool for this which helps me to get my business ranked in major search engines you can check it out by clicking the ink below.

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Search deep within you for your passion and just go with it. There is something for everyone and you will find what you are looking for.


I hope you found some value in this post and remember please share with us your thoughts and where you are at in the comments below.

Good luck!









  • Dave

    Hallo there,

    Your article has really inspired me that I had to come down here and comment.

    The thing is, I started an online business a few months ago with great hopes that it would be the most authoritative in the industry and would make me about $2000 per month.

    A few weeks down the line, the site broke down and I started getting high competition that I thought it would not be possible for me to get good rankings so I should stop.

    But this post has given me new hope of chasing my dreams and I really feel that I want to get back there and fight hard till I make it.

    Thanks for the positive vibes here. 🙂

    • Dan

      Hi Dave

      I’m glad you found some value from this post. To be an entrepreneur takes great courage and persistence. You absolutely will succeed if you keep going and maintain your belief in yourself.

      You will fail from time to time but just look at it as learning how not to do it and keep moving on.

      Wishing you all the luck.


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